Viral hero saves baby in stroller from rolling into traffic after mom falls

Michael Gwilliam
Hero saves baby from rolling into traffic

A man is being celebrated as a hero after a viral video showing him saving a baby from rolling into oncoming traffic surfaced online.

It’s not every day you become a hero, but that’s exactly what one man is being hailed as when he saw a mother collapse while trying to stop her baby from rolling into cars in the street.

In a video that’s been going viral online, security footage showed a woman outside of her car when a big gust of wind began to carry away her baby, who was strapped inside of a stroller.

Despite the mom’s best efforts, she fell down and appeared to injure herself as the stroller continued to make its way toward traffic and speeding cars. Luckily for her, however, a hero emerged in the nick of time.

Man saves baby from rolling into traffic in viral video

As the mom struggled to get up, a man rushed to the stroller and took control of it just before it could come into contact with cars and began to roll it back to the baby’s mom.

Those filming the security footage were amazed at the man’s quick thinking, calling him a “lifesaver” who was in the “right place at the right time.”

The mom was clearly very emotional after the nightmarish experience and embraced the hero who comforted her as another man helped her to her feet.

Since being uploaded to Twitter by ‘USSGoodGirl,’ the clip has been viewed over four million times. The user, who says she’s based in California, claims she first saw the video on a community Facebook page.

“Windy AF here today and the stroller rolled away,” she captioned the clip.

Although the identity of the mystery man is unknown, we at Dexerto salute him for his heroic actions.

This isn’t the first heroic moment caught on camera recently, either. Last month, a Twitch streamer saved a driver from a burning car after he jumped out of his vehicle with a fire extinguisher.