Hero dad saves baby trapped inside hot car by destroying window

Michael Gwilliam
dad saves baby trapped in hot car

A heroic dad is going viral on social media for saving a baby trapped inside a scorching hot car in 100-degree weather.

It’s been one hell of a hot summer, with record temperatures across the globe – and as such, keeping cool and hydrated has been the meta for surviving until fall.

The hot weather doesn’t spare anyone, and one Texas dad had to take drastic action after accidentally leaving his son locked inside his car after forgetting his keys.

In a video that’s spread across TikTok, the Texas dad became a hero for his son and family by wrecking his windshield in a desperate attempt to get his child to safety during the heatwave.

Dad wrecks car to save baby inside car during heatwave

We’ve all seen stories about people smashing car windows after seeing a dog locked inside a vehicle on a hot day, so you can only imagine how nerve-wracking it must have been for this dad.

Armed with a crowbar, the dad can be seen smashing the windshield in order to get his child out to safety, while others in the H-E-B parking lot look on in amazement.

After unforgivingly pounding the window and making a big enough hole, the man’s wife was able to climb through the windshield and get the child free by passing him to his father.

People reports that the incident took place in Harlingen, Texas earlier in July during a 100-degree heatwave. Since the video was posted, it’s been viewed over 7 million times, going quite viral.

Luckily for the family, EMTs and police arrived on the scene and determined the baby was fine, so no charges were filed.

This dad isn’t the first baby-saver to go viral. Earlier this year, a toddler made waves on social media after saving his newborn brother from choking to death.