Delivery driver writes hilarious note to homeowners after falling down their steps

ups selivery driver falls after delivering packageTikTok: astro.knot

After a UPS delivery driver fell down a homeowner’s front steps, he wrote a cheeky note to caution them of the hilarious moment.

Though UPS driver Steven Benavides confidently walked to the front door of one homeowner, he would soon be greeted with a rocky way back to his delivery truck.

Sure, he had delivered plenty of packages before, but in this instance, he had taken a rather clumsy tumble.

Luckily for Benavides, the homeowners had a front porch camera to catch it all on tape, resulting in him leaving them a hilarious note to warn them about what they may see when looking through their camera roll.

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A UPS delivery driver took an accidental tumble and has reached over 11 million people after sharing the video to TikTok.Unsplash: Tai L
A UPS delivery driver took an accidental tumble and has reached over 11 million people after sharing the video to TikTok.

Delivery driver goes viral on TikTok for falling on camera 

Benavides was on his delivery route when the unexpected happened. He had taken a photo for proof of drop-off when his foot got caught on a brick and he fell down. 

Though he quickly got back up, Benavides decided to write the homeowner a cheeky note saying, “I just fell so bad on your front porch. Watch the ring camera for a good laugh. Lol.” He then included his cell phone number after asking them to send the video to him.

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Benavides then took the video and uploaded it to TikTok. It has currently reached over 11 million people, giving plenty of laughs to those who have viewed it. 

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Benavides was even interviewed by Newsweek where he shared why he wanted to show the world his tumble caught on camera, saying, “I figured I’d post it for people to laugh at me. I never expected it to blow up this big.”

He continued, “I scratched up my knee pretty good, but nothing serious. My immediate thought was that I wanted to see the video of that so I went back and left a note.”

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Those who have seen Benavides’ viral TikTok video took to the comments to share their laughter, saying, “This is what the world needs! A bit more humor and the ability to laugh at one’s self. More kindness and to remember life is too short not to laugh.”

Others joked about how he seemingly looked at the brick to blame it for his fall, saying, “Him looking for the audacity of that step to do that to him.” As well as, “He looked back… was that floor there before?!“

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Some viewers also explained their similar experiences with delivering orders, saying, “I do Amazon flex and that happens to me — not like that yet, but it’ll happen eventually. I zone out when I’m taking the picture.”

Though he was trolled for his fall, the jokes were all in good fun. Benavides also didn’t comment on whether or not he’s continued working after his tumble, but we can only hope that just one embarrassing moment won’t hold him back from continuing his job. 

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