Vinnie Hacker’s girlfriend threatens to leave job over online bullying

Instagram: Faith Ordway/ Instagram: Vinnie Hacker

TikToker Vinnie Hacker’s girlfriend has threatened to leave her job after fans of the creator spammed her with hate comments.

Hacker is a growing star on the TikTok scene – he has 4.5 million followers on his main TikTok account as well as 1.5 million followers on his Instagram.

Known mostly for his lip-sync videos on TikTok, he has also gained a following by being part of content house Sway Gaming – which is a spin-off from notorious content house the Sway House. Other big names in Sway Gaming include Griffin Johnson, Quinton Griggs, and Kio Cyr.

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Fans recently spotted that he was getting close to fellow creator Faith Ordway. Soon after they posted a TikTok together, Faith was bombarded with comments about her and her past social media posts.

Vinnie Hacker TikTok starInstagram: Vinnie Hacker
Vinnie is part of Sway Gaming alongside Kio Cyr and Quinton Griggs

In a series of tweets, Faith expressed how badly she was affected by the unwanted attention, writing “I’m done with all the hate and people trying to put dirt on my name. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

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“If you chose to believe it go ahead don’t care anymore, you’re all just ruining my mental health over a man going through depths trying to make me look like a bad person”

But this soon escalated, with Faith threatening to quit her job as a result of the online hate she had received: “I’ll fly home and just quit the job I love, and stop seeing someone who I like since it’s caused issues… I care more about Vinnie and his image than my own, so I’ll dip because you’re bringing him issues”

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Vinnie himself expressed his opinion on Twitter, explaining, “I’m removing all my negative/annoying posts. It’s time for change and it’s time to spread positivity. I apologize if I triggered anyone in any way, All I want is for you guys to be happy and enjoy content.”

After several comments from Vinnie’s fans accused Faith of racism, pointing out old tweets and TikToks, she eventually issued an apology. “I’ll apologize anyway. I’m deeply sorry if I offended anyone, take the apology or don’t. I don’t know how to handle 1000 people trying to attack me.”

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Meanwhile, it looks as though Vinnie’s fans aren’t conceding, as screenshots of Faith’s comments are still being blasted on TikTok room.

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