Vinnie Hacker achieves surprise win against Deji in YouTubers vs TikTokers event

Vinnie Hacker and Deji side by sideTwitter: Vinnie Hacker/Deji

During Battle of the Platforms, Vinnie Hacker scored Team TikTok their first (and only) win of the night after a surprise win against YouTuber Deji.

In theory, Deji was a shoe-in for victory.

As well as fighting before, he managed to go the distance in the ring with Jake Paul — a feat that even the likes of AnEsonGib can’t say. Some might even say that, as the younger brother of KSI, fighting is in his blood.

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However, one thing he won’t be getting bragging rights from is his fight with 19-year-old TikTok star and boxing newcomer Vinnie Hacker, who managed to beat the YouTuber by Round 3 with a TKO.

While Deji seemed to be taking the lead in Round 1 — his significant weight advantage seeming to work in his favor — Hacker landed a brutal right hook in Round 2 that seemed to tip the scales in his favour, as he later stopped KSI’s brother with a TKO in the following round.

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With coronavirus restrictions leaving Deji stranded in Mexico for two weeks in the lead up to the fight, many speculated that he might end up at a disadvantage training-wise.

Fans were also shocked at Deji’s physique during the official weigh-in on June 11, with many pointing out that he had a “dad bod.”

Following his loss, Deji appeared defeated, tweeting that he was a “failure.”

However, following a public pep talk from KSI, who said he “did more than many people could do” by getting in the ring in the first place, the YouTuber seemed determined to continue his fighting career, as he vowed to fans on Twitter that he would “bounce back.”

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Meanwhile, following his win, Hacker seemed a little dazed but very happy with his win. Keeping things friendly with his competitor, he credited Deji for being a “great fighter” while refusing to comment on what many people hope is the start of fruitful fighting career.

He later thanked his circle, fans and anyone who supported him “in general” throughout this process. “I did this for ya’ll,” he said in the tweet.

With Hacker not ruling out a fighting career and Deji seeming determined to get back into the ring, could we see a rematch between the two content creators in the future?

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