Valkyrae returns with hectic Dread Hunger stream alongside Corpse, Sykkuno and more

Alan Bernal
Dread Hunger Team / Valkyrae / Corpse Husband / Sykkuno

The Amigops have finally reunited after Valkyrae returned to her YouTube streams with Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, Disguised Toast and more in the deceptive survival game Dread Hunger.

Fans of the pack’s Among Us streams have been missing the gang lie, bait, and murder each other in the name of good fun. With the friends exploring more games like Rust and GTA RP, there’s been a search for a new title that scratches that party game itch.

In her return stream, the Amigops split into crew and traitors in Digital Confectioners’ early access indie title that has a similar vibe as Among Us.

After a few days of stream silence, the crew teamed up in the surprise title with as many chaotic twists that come with a new game.

Dread Hunger Team
Valkyrae and co. found a new game to troll and deceive each other in Dread Hunger.

Essentially a lobby of eight players – in this case Corpse, Sykkuno, Toast, Ludwig, Lilypichu, Yvonne, Kkatamina, & Valk – worked to get a ship through a frozen tundra while two traitors try to sabotage them.

For people who fell in love with the stream collective over their Among Us adventures, there was plenty here that will bring you back to those antics.

But the learning curve was really deep for the streamers. Every game either devolved into a hectic scramble for resources or confusion on how to exactly end the match.

The gruesome first-person survival game provided a ton of familiar scenes that Valkyrae’s fans have come to expect from the Amigops.

Unfortunately, after a few games, there wasn’t much keeping them in the game and quickly turned to Toast’s suggestion of Muck – what they likened to Rust meets Minecraft.

Regardless, Valkyrae and the gang came back strong with thousands of viewers loving the classic group stream – and they probably won’t have to wait for long before the next one.