Valkyrae has plans to release her own songs after big year of music cameos

Valkyrae in Build a Bitch music video.Instagram: Valkyrae

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has announced plans to release her own songs in 2022, following the queen of YouTube’s cameo-filled last year that saw her team up with Corpse Husband, MGK, and Bella Poarch in several music videos.

Internet celebrities turning their online fame into a bid at musical stardom has become a major trend in recent years, and Valkyrae is jumping on the bandwagon.

The 100 Thieves owner had two major music roles last year, first appearing in MGK and Corpse Husband’s “Daywalker” video ⁠— playing streaming friend Corpse ⁠— and then starring alongside TikToker-turned-songstress Bella Poarch in the fiery “Build a Bitch” music video soon after.

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The experiences inspired Valkyrae to make her own music.

“This year, I’m going to release my own single,” the YouTuber promised in her first 2022 stream. “That’s pretty much the first thing I’ve started for the year.”

Valkyrae in DAYWALKER music video.YouTube: MGK
Hofstetter says she was inspired to make music by Bella Poach and Corpse Husband.

YouTube’s stream-queen revealed her music plans early on in her January 2 return, explaining the song-writing ball was already rolling behind the scenes.

“Yeah things have got started there,” Valkyrae said. “I’ve been talking to Brodin [Plett, OfflineTV’s in-house producer] and Wendy [streamer Natsumiii] about making a song, and so we’re in the process of doing that now.”

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Natsumiii originally tried to get Valkyrae into a recording booth last year, and after months of pestering the 29-year-old streamer appears to have folded. According to the YouTuber, the track details have yet to be settled on, but it’s likely going to be “something original” rather than a cover song.

“They were both super down,” she added. “So we’re starting to work on that. It’ll be for funsies to begin with, I don’t want to make it into anything too serious.”

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Can Valkyrae actually sing?

Valkyrae’s declaration has left many YouTube fans asking one thing ⁠— can the star streamer actually sing, or will the tracks be highly produced in post?

The 29-year-old has regularly denied being able to sing, but duo streams with Natsumiii suggest differently, which hosts of Valktwt fans have pointed out.

Dexerto will be first to tell you when Valkyrae’s track drops.

Until then, fans can relive her roles in Machine Gun Kelly’s Daywalker music clip ⁠— Hofstetter plays Corpse perfectly ⁠— and Bella Poarch’s Build a Bitch video.

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