Valkyrae opens up on scary encounter with “crazy” Uber driver on New Year’s Eve

Isaac McIntyre. Last updated: Jan 03, 2022
Valkyrae worried on YouTube stream.
YouTube: Valkyrae

While many were celebrating the arrival of 2022 with friends and family, star streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter says she was dealing with a “crazy” Uber driver who terrified her during a long drive to an OfflineTV party.

Valkyrae may have eventually welcomed in the New Year with fellow stream-star DisguisedToast, but 29-year-old reveals she had a “really scary” experience before that while catching an Uber to the OfflineTV house.

Hofstetter told her YouTube fans she was leaving LilyPichu’s house to meet up with Toast across town, and because she had been drinking, she ordered an Uber. She quickly regretted that choice, however, when she discovered the Uber driver was “wild,” told her not to wear a mask, and “made [her] feel unsafe” throughout the entire thirty-minute trip.

“It was really horrible,” the 100 Thieves star said.

“I was already scared from being lost in the dark,” Valkyrae continued, “and then I get in this car and he’s raving and not wearing a mask. I felt terrified by him.”

Valkyrae explained that she was in the car for thirty minutes, and the whole time she was worried that he might “kidnap her” or “take [me] to another country.”

“It was just… I felt so unsafe,” she admitted.

“He didn’t wear a mask, and was literally just talking at me for the whole ride ⁠— we’re in this car for like thirty minutes, driving ⁠— and he’s telling me he’s against vaccines, he doesn’t like masks, and all that kind of stuff. I just didn’t know what to say. So I kept agreeing ‘cause I was scared he might do something.

“I ticked that option that said “quiet preferred” in the app, I had that on, and he was not preferably quiet, at all. Like thirty minutes straight I was so anxious, I didn’t want to get on his bad side. He was acting wild.

“I hardly ride Ubers anymore, and I had to get this one. I had so much anxiety. It was scary! When he dropped me off I sprinted inside, so fast. So unsafe.”

Thankfully, nothing happened to Valkyrae, who was able to ring in the New Year with DisguisedToast in a hilarious Twitch stream that same evening. The star has spent the last few days away from streaming, and returned on January 2 with her first broadcast of the year.

“Look, I know the best solution,” Valkyrae concluded. “I have a car, I do have friends, so I won’t be catching Ubers again soon. I don’t want to, that’s for sure.”