Tyler1 ‘proves’ his height, instantly gets exposed by girlfriend

Connor Bennett

Popular League of Legends, there is perhaps no more popular solo streamer than Tyler1. Thousands of viewers flock to Steinkamp’s daily broadcasts, where he does everything from dominate opponents to raging when a match doesn’t go his way. 

Like the majority of popular Twitch streamers, Tyler1’s channel has plenty of ‘jokes’ that get pulled out on a daily basis – with the main one centering around his height, or lack thereof. Other streamers like shroud have taken pops at his size, even though it was all in the name of good fun, and not overly serious. 

Twitch: Tyler1Tyler1 is one of Twitch’s most popular and entertaining streamers.

The jokes about his height are even something his own girlfriend, fellow streamer Macaiyla, has used to get a rise out of T1. During their October 31st broadcast, the pair had been carving pumpkins, when Tyler explained that it was pretty hard to draw on them – something his girlfriend disagreed with. 

“If it was possible, I would be able to do it!” said Tyler, before Macaiyla fired back. “You can’t do everything,” she said. “You cannot do everything. You cannot touch the ceiling right now! You can’t touch the ceiling, I know you can’t, I get your food.” 

That prompted Tyler to jump up, nearly fall over a few wires, before trying to touch the ceiling – even though his girlfriend didn’t mention jumping.

A few camera tricks later, and the streamer tried to touch the prove his height again. This time, though, struggling to pull open what seemed like a pretty high cabinet. 

Yet, his joke was exposed when Macaiyla jumped up, tilted the camera down and showed him sitting up the cooker in order to get a boost. While she, and Twitch chat of course, laughed at him, Tyler came down and sat back on the floor, forgetting what had just unfolded. 

As the streamer seemed to take the banter in good spirits – as well as playing up the struggle to reach the ceiling – it’s given fans another moment that they can laugh at for a few more streams.

Just what methods T1 will try next in order to ‘prove’ his height remains to be seen, but he may want to keep his girlfriend away from his proof, just so she can’t expose him.

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