Two IRL streamers have bizarre random meeting in Japan

Daniel Cleary

Twitch streamer Hitch, best known for hitchhiking around the world while livestreaming, had a random, rather bizarre, encounter with a fellow IRL streamer who happened to be doing the exact same thing.

Hitch’s latest travels have taken him to Japan, where he has decided to hitchhike from the Southern city of Nagasaki in attempt to go as far North across the country as possible.

Having made it to the most Northern city, Wakkanai, on June 6, he decided to continue on with his journey around Japan, where he happened to bump into another livestreamer, who was also hitchhiking.

@Live_hitch / twitterHitch made it to the Northernmost point of Japan only a few days prior to meeting the streamer.

It seems to have been by pure chance that the pair crossed paths, as the Japanese streamer was just being dropped off at the town Hitch was entering.

The Japanese streamer instantly approached him after realizing he was a fellow streamer, introducing himself and telling him he was live on the mobile app “Twitcasting.”

Much to his surprise, Hitch then discovered that the streamer was also hitchhiking, after he showed him his sign and gestured towards the people who dropped him off. “What? we’re doing the exact same thing, I’m hitchhiking.” Hitch said, before telling him how far his journey was, “From Nagasaki to Wakkanai.”

The Japanese streamer was shocked to hear that Hitch had traveled over 1000 miles from the South of Japan, exclaiming, “Nagasaki!” even telling the people who gave him the lift just how far he had came.

After the pair had gone their separate ways, Hitch then found the Japanese streamers channel on TwitCasting with the help of his viewers, listening in on what the streamer had to say about their chance meeting.

He was pleased to see the streamer had nothing but compliments for him after they met, even saying that he had a “fantastic face.”

This was not the first bizarre incident that has occurred during an IRL Twitch stream, with the unpredictability often resulting in strange moments, such as one particularly odd incident where a ‘stream sniper’ sniffed a streamers chair.

It appears as if IRL streaming is becoming even more popular now, but the odds of these two IRL hitchhikers finding each other in a random Japanese town was still extremely slim. 

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