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Two guys looking for friends go viral on TikTok after some people mock them

Published: 19/Jun/2021 20:56

by Bill Cooney


A pair of friends’ open invitation to hang out has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter. Even though they’ve been mocked a bit, plenty more people seem willing to take them up on their offer.

TikTok user Brently probably wasn’t expecting the amount of attention a clip he posted with his friend Jeff, but their simple request to hang ended up going viral and got plenty of attention– both good and bad.

The clip itself is pretty straightforward, with Brently introducing himself and Jeff, explaining their interests, grabbing snacks, and hanging out taking in a movie.

@brentlyg##newbrunswick comment or shoot us a message to be our friend my email is [email protected] ##friendship ##lonleypeople♬ original sound – Brently

Being on the internet though, plenty of people took the opportunity to try and bring Brently and Jeff down a peg, with one calling the TikTok “the most depressing s**t I’ve ever seen.”


Despite the haters, or perhaps thanks to them, the two “pretty cool guys” open invitation for more friends to join their group went viral, with plenty of people taking them up on their offer.

The original TikTok got millions of views since being posted, and once the video made it’s way to Twitter, it quickly racked up close to 2 million views and counting.

Friendship offers came in from all over, including YouTuber DonutOperator, and one person even called the pair the “Jay and Silent Bob” of TikTok, as Brently seems to do all the talking, while Jeff is more of the strong, silent type — just like the characters from the Clerks movies.


This brings us to another important question, does Jeff ever speak, or like his counterpart Silent Jay, does he prefer to remain quiet the whole time?  As luck would have it, Brently has posted more TikToks since, and in a few you can see Jeff talking briefly, and even cracking a joke or two.

@brentlygWe’re gonna be hanging out all day today ##friendship ##bestfriends ##sandals ##hangingout♬ original sound – Brently

So what’s next for this unexpected, dynamic duo taking over social media? It seems like more movies, snacks, and park hangout sessions are in the cards, which definitely sounds like a good time to us.