Twitter’s new X sign is blinding people in nearby apartments

Theo Burman
Twitter Logo X

Twitter’s new X sign has been criticised by people living nearby, after the sign was revealed to be extremely bright and to have a “strobe” effect.

Say what you like about Elon Musk, you can’t deny that he’s committing to the bit on this X rebranding. After taking down the iconic Twitter bird images, he put a huge light-up X on the top of the building.

Now, videos are emerging from residents of apartment blocks across the road from the building, who are saying that the light is taking a little getting used to.

Twitter user reacts to new X sign being too bright

When the sign was first unveiled, a lot of people wondered what it would be like to live in the apartments that were level with the sign across the road.

One Twitter user called Christopher Beale chimed in with his view of the X from one of these apartments, showing that the X was so bright that his camera struggled to focus on it when it lit up.

Another user said: “I would be f*cking livid. Imagine this f*cking X sign right across from your bedroom.

Potentially even more concerning was the X sign’s strobe effect, which makes the sign flash on and off repeatedly. Several commenters were concerned that the sign would be a hazard for people with epilepsy.

We’ll have to wait and see if the X is a permanent feature at Twitter HQ, but for now, let’s hope they at least turn the brightness down.

For a complete rundown on Twitter rebranding to X and everything that means for the site, check out our explainer here.

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