Twitter launching TikTok-style video feed with ‘Videos for you’ section

Twitter logo on a phoneUnsplash: Brett Jordan

Twitter has announced they will be rolling out an “immersive” video feed similar to TikTok, along with a ‘Videos for you’ section on the app.

On September 29, Twitter revealed in a blog post that they are going to be rolling out two new video features to the platform.

The first is their “updated immersive media viewer,” which they say, “expands videos to full screen with a single click, allowing you to easily access the full, immersive viewing experience.” Once you’ve tapped a video to activate the viewer, you will be able to scroll up to start browsing more video content.

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The second feature is a ‘Videos for you’ carousel, with the blog post explaining: “With our new video carousel, you can now easily find more videos you like alongside Tweets and Trends that might interest you. Just open the Explore tab to discover some of the most popular videos being shared on Twitter.”

Many are drawing comparisons between these new features, and TikTok’s popular For You Page, which allows users to scroll through full-screen vertical videos to discover suggested content recommended for the user by the app’s algorithm.

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TikTok logo on a phoneUnsplash: Solen Feyissa
TikTok is one of the world’s leading social media platforms.

A number of apps have taken inspiration from TikTok’s popular feed, including Amazon, Instagram, and more, though many of these apps, Instagram particularly, have received backlash from users who don’t want the platforms to attempt to ‘copy’ TikTok.

Twitter has also received backlash in the past for testing video features similar to TikTok.

Twitter says their immersive media viewer will be available “in the coming days” to people using Twitter in English on iOS, and that their video carousel is currently available “to people in select countries using Twitter in English on iOS and Android.”

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Whether the features are rolled out to more countries and devices remains to be seen, as well as whether or not they are popular among Twitter users.