Hasan and xQc mock controversy over streamer earnings from Twitch leak

hasanabi and xqcTwitter, Hasanthehun/xQc

Hasan and xQc have both poked some fun at the drama surrounding hacked and leaked Twitch revenue numbers for the platform’s top-earning streamers. 

Twitch has been hacked. Users of the platform now have to go through the trouble of resetting their passwords and making sure they enable security features like two-factor authentication.

On top of that, the revenue of the highest-earning streamers has been released — with CriticalRole, xQc, and Summit1g leading the pack. Hasan makes the list just outside of the top 10, but just like when he purchased a house, he’s not free from controversy.

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Hasan looks annoyed during his Twitch stream.Twitch: Hasan
It’s been revealed that Hasan made over $200,000 in September, placing him 13th in the top Twitch streamers by revenue.

Hasan mocks revenue controversy

Apparently, Hasan can’t catch a break from people judging him for how much he makes while supporting “eat the rich” sentiments. Just a couple of months ago, the creator was under fire for spending almost $3 million on a Hollywood home, after which he claimed everyone needed to “calm down.”

Hasan has been at the receiving end of hate on social media, including tweets mocking him for making so much while wearing that infamous t-shirt publicly.

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The former member of The Young Turks mocked the controversy regarding his revenue with a tweet: “just woke up to some fun news. cant wait for ppl to be mad at me about my publicly available sub count again.”

While he mentions in his tweet that his sub count is publicly available, the amount he makes a month is publicly available since anyone can take his sub count and multiply it by $2.50 (assuming he doesn’t get more than 50% sub revenue) and find out.

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Twitch streamer ‘Patterrz’ confirmed Hasan’s statement in another tweet: “Might need to get those eyes checked instead of malding on Twitter, pretending like this was secret never before seen info.”

xQc gets cocky in response to leaks

While Hasan is fighting off people that dislike how much he makes, Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has taken a different approach to the recent Twitch leaks.

After posting a tweet asking the platform to explain what happened, he ended his stream with a message to his followers: “I told you all… I told you. Its TRILLIONAIRE. With a f**king T!”

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According to a source close to some of the biggest creators, the leaked numbers are severely underestimated.

We’ll have to wait to see if any of the creators decide to open up more about their earnings to find out how much they’re really making.

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