Twitch streamers want platform to copy YouTube sub price change

twitch and youtubeTwitch/YouTube

Streamers are requesting for Twitch to copy a popular YouTube feature that allows creators to tweak the cost of their paid subscriptions and set their own price. 

As Twitch continues to make changes that deter their creators, the battle of the live streaming platforms continues, as more and more streamers sign exclusive deals and make their way over to YouTube Gaming.

With YouTube slowly adding additions to their live streaming services, creators are only becoming more enticed to jump ship. However, that doesn’t stop others from hoping Twitch may take a page out of their competitor’s book.

Now, Twitch streamers are requesting for the Amazon-owned platform to copy a specific feature that would allow creators to change the price of their paid subscription.

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via GameRevolution
Twitch and YouTube Gaming have gone head-to-head for streaming supremacy.

In a tweet on May 26, streaming star Ludwig Ahgren, who made his move to YouTube from Twitch in late 2021, revealed that his new paid subscription price is just $1.

“If you didn’t know, I changed my sub price to $1,” the streamer said on Twitter. 

The tweet has since amassed over 26k likes and caught the attention of other streamers and avid Twitch viewers. Many of which began suggesting that Twitch should copy YouTube’s feature.

I hope Twitch lets us change our sub prices to make them lower,” one streamer replied. “Maybe remove ads and freely let us have access to follower-only emotes then I’ll be happy,” they added.

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I never realized people could set their own sub prices. I wish more people lowered it as I would end up subbing more and for longer,” said one Ludwig fan.

However, others such as streamer Nikolarn aren’t hopeful that Twitch will bring the requested change. “Me patiently waiting for Twitch to allow me to set my own sub price and also me knowing it’ll never happen,” he said.

With the Amazon-owned platform potentially making revenue changes in the summer that’ll do more harm than good, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see streamers being able to change their subscription price in the future. However, we can only hope that we’ll be able to sub to our favorite streamers for a dollar.

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