Twitch streamer panics as Taiwan earthquake shakes hotel room

Virginia Glaze

A Twitch streamer got a rude awakening after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan woke him and his partner out of a deep sleep in a 24-hour broadcast that’s going viral.

On April 3, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck the eastern coast of Taiwan, toppling buildings and injuring an estimated 900 people.

Photos and videos of the natural disaster went viral across social media, showing businesses and apartment complexes leaning at impossible angles after being upended by the massive quake.

As destruction broke out in Taiwan, hundreds of viewers on Twitch across the world were shocked to see one streamer and their partner experience the quake in real time.

Finnish Twitch streamer Keppada was in the middle of a 24 / 7 broadcast with his fiancée when the quake occurred. The two were sound asleep in a hotel room in Taiwan when they were jarred awake by violent tremors that shook their camera.

The couple quickly got out of bed and fled their hotel room as the quake continued. Eventually, the shaking died down, and after some time, Keppada managed to retrieve his camera and updated viewers on what happened.

Luckily, both Keppada and his fiance were unharmed, and the two were able to continue their broadcast as planned. On Instagram, he revealed that “multiple buildings collapsed” just under one kilometer from their hotel.

A clip of the earthquake from Keppada’s stream is going viral, amassing over 29K views on Twitch as commenters pour in, stunned at that the broadcaster captured the moment and emerged unscathed.

At the time of writing, dozens of people are still trapped in tunnels beneath the rubble from the earthquake, which is the strongest to hit Taiwan in 25 years.

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