Twitch streamer banned after “racist” claims and praising the Unibomber

Carver Fisher

After praising the Unibomber and saying that “it’s okay to be racist,” Twitch streamer hey_t0ny has been banned from Twitch. His now ex-girlfriend bbjess is under fire for being associated with these ban-worthy comments.

Twitch is a platform that welcomes pretty much anyone who’s old enough and can get their hands on a way to stream. Thousands of streamers have found their own audience, and many have made streaming their full-time job.

One such streamer is hey_t0ny, a man who streamed full-time on Twitch along with his (up until recently) girlfriend, bbjess. However, some comments on his Twitch stream have been followed by an indefinite ban from the platform.

He claimed “it’s okay to be racist” during a stream, praised the Unibomber, promptly deleted all his VoDs afterward, and has since put his Twitter account on private.

Streamer banned for “racist” claims while live on Twitch

While playing Fall Guys, Twitch streamer hey_t0ny was talking to his chat and had some takes that even the people playing with him questioned.

Eventually, the conversation led to him saying, “it’s okay to be racist a little bit,” resulting in a clip that has put this Twitch streamer in hot water.

It’s not possible to get access to the VoDs now, yet recordings of the on-stream moments have captured some parts of the deleted videos. After the “it’s okay to be racist” comment, someone in-call with hey_t0ny asked, “What the f*** does that mean?”

In another clip, he praised the Unibomber, saying “Ted Kaczynski is kind of a genius,” followed by a chatter mocking him via text-to-speech, saying “Do you think Hitler is a genius, too?”

Tony was dating bbjess, a much larger streamer and content creator. Following these clips being posted and hey_t0ny being under fire on Twitter, they’ve broken up.

hey_t0ny initially deleted all of his VoDs and went been silent on social media in the time that followed these clips surfacing. He’s now been banned on Twitch.

Vyne, the person who posted the on-stream clips of Tony, claims that Jess has blocked them on Twitter following a series of posts about her and Tony over the past few months.

Vyne also has a lengthy thread of screenshots of tweets made from Tony’s Twitter account that they streamer has been criticized for, all of which Jess separated herself from at the time.

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