Streamer bbjess finally paid by Twitch following debt of “tens of thousands”

bbjess streaming on Twitch.Twitch: bbjess

Popular Just Chatting streamer ‘bbjess’ revealed that she has been paid by Twitch after an alleged payment issue left her without tens of thousands of dollars. This came after she reached 10,400 subscribers for the month of October. 

Bbjess has enjoyed an incredible last few months on Twitch, climbing to 42,000 followers and more than 10.4k subscribers despite a short-lived 19-hour ban.

The fruits of 26-year-old’s labor ⁠— more than “tens of thousands” in subscriber earnings ⁠— failed to make it to her as quickly as she expected. 

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On November 19 she wrote: “I need your help. I need your voices. Twitch owes me tens of thousands of dollars.

“My payout method is good. How can a company get away without paying employees?”

Bbjess, who ranks in the top 0.04% of all Twitch creators, told Dexerto she was worried the missing payouts may have something to do with her October suspension.

The Just Chatting star was whacked with a ban on October 20, which was eventually revealed to be due to her iconic “bbjessBoobees” emotes. The emotes were removed for “imagery of sexual content or nudity,” and Jessica was barred from Amazon’s site for a 19-hour window before it was resolved.

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“I know this probably isn’t the case, but since everything [payment-wise] is working on my end, it should have gone through, [so] it feels like punishment for being outspoken over being unrightfully banned,” she said.

“What scares me is smaller creators have said they’re in similar boats and have gone months without getting paid. That is not an option. This is my full-time job.”

Bbjess costume on Twitch.Twitch: bbjess
Bbjess has been streaming regularly on Twitch since mid-2020.

“I just want proper communication,” the Twitch star told Dexerto. “It’s sad to know that after working hard to become a partner and grinding to become top 80 most-subbed, it still isn’t enough to get to talk to a human or have a manager. It’s terrifying that I just wasn’t paid, and it feels unprofessional.”

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Bbjess’ partnership contract with Twitch states the Amazon-owned website has a 45-day period from the end-date of each month to pay earnings.

bbjess finally paid by Twitch

After multiple attempts at contacting Twitch support, bbjess told Dexerto that it was a mass issue with payments for the month of October, as she and several others were sent their missing payments on December 2.

The Twitch star also shared the good news on her Twitter account.

On November 22, bbjess shared that she recieved a response from Twitch stating that her payment method had been suspended.

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However, given the fact that she has recieved her full October payment, its safe to say that suspension has been lifted.

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