Twitch streamer suddenly loses all of his followers overnight

Georgina Smith
Twitch stream Nathan streams next to the Twitch logo

A 16-year-old Minecraft streamer was left shocked after over 21,000 followers totally disappeared from his Twitch account overnight, with his community pulling together in an effort to restore his account back to normal.

While Twitch is a hugely popular platform where many huge creators have found their audiences, it’s not uncommon for some strange things to happen to people’s accounts without warning, like getting banned, or losing followers for seemingly no reason.

Incidents like these often lead communities to rally behind content creators to support them, and this is particularly true for smaller streamers who often feel the hit of random events like these the hardest, damaging the platform they worked hard to expand.

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Twitch’s moderation and community guidelines are under constant scrutiny.

16-year-old Nathan is one such streamer, who primarily streams Minecraft content to his audience that originally stood at around 21,000 followers prior to the random follower loss.

On January 13, the teen posted a series of tweets that seemed to indicate something had happened, but he didn’t quite explain what yet. “This can’t be real,” he wrote, “what the f**k?”

Shortly after he uploaded a screenshot of his channel where the thousands of followers he once had dropped down inexplicably to just seven. “I’ve lost everything,” he said. “My Twitch lost all of its followers. Every single person who has followed me the last 26 months are gone. I’m just at a loss for words.”

He reported that the 21,000 followers took him two years to build up, and was understandably devastated that it had been unraveled for seemingly no reason. He reached out publicly to Twitch Support for help, but it’s unclear as to whether they have responded to the incident privately.

However, in a show of community support, thousands of people heard Nathan’s story and flocked to his account to restore some of his followers. Popular Minecraft creator Tubbo also gifted 100 subs to the streamer, having previously supported him in the past.

It’s not clear what the reason for the abrupt loss in followers was, or whether they will eventually be restored, but it certainly came as a huge blow for this young streamer.

Fortunately thanks to the support of the online community, Nathan has regained 13,000 followers at the time of writing, getting 10,000 of those within just two hours.

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