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Twitch streamer left stunned after being banned over an approved emote

Published: 23/Jan/2020 5:30

by Brad Norton


Having streamed from his account for over five years, Twitch partner ‘Kordell’ was completely shocked to learn that he was suddenly banned due to previously approved emotes.

Typically, streamers on Twitch get banned for violating the community guidelines and engaging in some questionable activities while live.

From broadcasting explicit material to creating works of art that toe the line between safe for work and not, there’s often a relatively understandable reason behind most bans on the platform.

That has not been the case for ‘Kordell’ however as he was recently notified of his Twitch account being banned by absolutely no fault of his own.


Twitch emotes
Custom Twitch emotes are typically offered as a bonus to new Subscribers.

Having received an email from Twitch on January 22, Kordell was made aware of an indefinite suspension to his account as a result of supposedly violating the community guidelines through the emotes or ‘cheermotes’ on his channel.

The cause of the controversy appears to stem from various emotes that were previously approved and implemented on Twitch. With the account being over five years old, the streamer explained how they had never even received so much as a warning.

Further adding to the confusion, Twitch failed to address exactly which emote or emotes were responsible for the violation and subsequent ban.

“I got perma-banned on twitch for an emote they approved without being told which one and have yet to receive any type of reply from support,” he said.


As outlined in the official Twitch Subscriber Emoticon Guide for Partners and Affiliates, those that are “in good standing” on the platform “will have their emoticons automatically approved.” 

Conversely, if a Twitch Partner is not in good standing, their emoticons will need to be approved through a manual process. 

It’s unclear whether Kordell was in good standing at the time in which his emotes were implemented on Twitch, or if an employee manually approved them after review.

Having each been permitted over the past few weeks however, the ban has certainly come as a shock to the streamer who was under the notion that everything he submitted was in line with Twitch standards.


More and more of the most popular content creators have been parting ways with the Amazon-owned streaming platform of late. 

While many prefer the freedom that other services afford, perhaps the lack of communication and often puzzling decisions such as this ban, have been significant factors for those seeking new homes.