Twitch streamer skydives in “real life” Warzone for FaZe 5 challenge

Connor Bennett
Streamer Zorgoro next to a warzone player skydiving

Spanish Twitch streamer Zogoro has gone above and beyond in his quest to win the FaZe 5 challenge by taking to the skies and skydiving into a ‘real-life’ version of Call of Duty Warzone.

[jwplayer mfcRpjb4]

For many content creators, getting the chance to join a huge group like FaZe puts them in the category of having made it. Though, it is typically ultra-difficult to get a spot on such a group.

Over the past few years, FaZe has given content creators a chance at joining their collective with the FaZe 5 challenge. For 2020, they made the process simple, fill out an online form and they’d start picking out contenders – with five of these getting a spot in FaZe. 

However, in a bid to show that they’re dedicated to the cause, some creators have gone above and beyond – creating all kinds of videos to back up their case to join FaZe. Yet, Spanish streamer Zogoro has seemingly blown them all away. 

FaZe 5 logo
There are five spots on the line in the FaZe 5 challenge.

On October 28, the Spanish content creator released a video of himself taking on a ‘real-life’ Warzone challenge. That included filming himself running around with a camera attached, making it look like he was playing the battle royale in real life.

However, what made him stand out from the pack of entrants who have done similar, is that he didn’t just ‘spawn’ in on the ground. Oh no. 

Instead, the Spaniard took to the skies and actually skydived like you would when starting a game of Warzone, though, he did have help from a professional to make sure that things went off without any problems. 

The impressive video, which has racked up a few thousand views at the time of writing, caught the eye of FaZe themselves as they retweeted the video.

“When we tell you to do something different, so you jump out of a plane…,” they said, quote tweeting Zogoro’s video for their five million followers to see.

Given that he’s got FaZe’s attention, the Spaniard could be in the running for one of the top five spots, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that. 

It shouldn’t be too long before FaZe start announcing the winners anyway, and there should be a few more eye-catching entries.

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