Twitch streamer shocked after catching a mouse with a bag of chips

Roflgator, Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer and former esports pro ‘Roflgator’ was confronted with an unfortunate pest problem during a March 31 livestream — and he had a jaw-dropping way of dealing with the issue.

During a VR Chat session with fellow streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris, xQc and others, Roflgator announced he was worried there might be a rat in his room, breaking off from the conversation to handle the rodent.

“Alright, I’m gonna go after it,” he told his chat. “I seriously think I heard something over there, dude. I’m 100 percent sure there’s something there.”

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The streamer even adjusted his camera to give viewers a better look at the proceedings, moving his furniture aside for a chance at catching the animal unaware. However, his ultimate strategy for pinning down the pest saw him use an unlikely tool — and it wasn’t a mousetrap.

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Instead, Roflgator theorized that the rodent was hiding in an empty bag of Ruffles chips sitting on a chair in his room, which he quickly closed and held up to the camera.

“It might be in this bag, dude — it’s in the bag!” he exclaimed. “I swear to god it’s in this f**king — it’s in the Ruffles bag! I f**king caught it! I swear to god, it’s in here. …I just caught a f**king rat in a Ruffles bag!”

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To prove his point, Roflgator sat back down at his setup and cautiously opened the bag on camera, afraid that the mouse would try to make an escape.

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“I’m scared to open it, dude, it’s gonna come out!” he exclaimed. “What do I do, do I just throw the bag out the window?”

Thankfully, the rat didn’t try to make a mad dash for it — and while Roflgator was able to see the pest in the footage, it might be a bit harder for viewers to make out the mouse in the shaky clip.

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Luckily, Roflgator won’t have to deal with the rodent any longer, thanks to his lucky break in catching the animal snacking on his leftover junk food.

We do hope, however, that he ends up giving his streaming space a deep clean to avoid such such issues in the future.

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