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Twitch streamer furious after toddler spills beer over keyboard

Published: 31/Mar/2020 19:39

by Michael Gwilliam


World of WarCraft streamer ‘WaRRior_F13’ was livid after coming back to his setup to discover that his son had spilled a massive mug of beer all over his keyboard.

During a March 29 broadcast, the Twitch streamer was playing with his party when he went to take a quick break, leaving his son, Madden, alone in the room.

After climbing up onto the office chair, the toddler sent the beer crashing to the floor and over the keyboard before dashing away just prior to his dad reentering the room.

The toddler ran away before the streamer got back to the room.

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“Son of a b*tch!” WaRRior_F13 screamed when he laid eyes on the mess. “He just dumped my beer all over!”


As it turned out, he was yelling at his wife, who was off-screen. “And he f**king ran away. It’s f**king everywhere!” he groaned.

As the child came rushing back towards the streamer, the enraged WaRRior told his wife to get the kid away from him.

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“Tom, are you ready?” a member of the party asked.

“Sorry, Madden just spilled beer all over my desk,” he replied.

“What a drunk,” a female-sounding member of the group laughed. “I never wanted to slap a baby so much in my whole life. Just kidding!”

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While all this was going on, the Twitch streamer continued to towel away at the keyboard, frantically trying to clean it.

“I need another towel,” he said. “This is f**king soaked. Literally, my entire stein was full.”

A stein is a term used to describe traditional-looking beer mugs that are normally a lot larger than standard-sized glasses, and can contain upwards of a liter.

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Luckily for WaRRior, he was able to clean the mess up and get on with his game – although he wasn’t happy that the beer he had been saving ended up all over his desk. Still, after he had some time to cool down, he laughed about it and posted a photo to Twitter.


According to the photo, he was drinking Cherry Choctabulous by Rogue Ales.

WaRRior’s humorous broadcast stands as a testament that one can never predict the antics of small children – especially when there’s technology involved!