Twitch streamer shares frightening story of being stalked in Japan

Virginia Glaze
imjasmine speaks to her viewers outside in Japan.

IRL Twitch streamer ‘imjasmine’ shocked viewers with an unexpected story upon beginning her September 17 broadcast, admitting that she’d been followed out of an elevator by a very handsy stranger during her trip to Japan.

25-year-old Imjasmine is a relatively popular face on Twitch, boasting over 83,000 followers on the platform due to her bubbly personality, as well as documenting her travels abroad for fans.

However, these excursions across the ocean have been more than a little stressful for the streamer, who has experienced uncomfortable encounters with strangers during her travels (like when a random bystander sniffed her on a beach in March).

That isn’t deterring Jasmine from seeing the world, though, with the broadcaster taking her sights to the Land of the Rising Sun mere months later.

This particular trip would include a seriously frightening ordeal for her, as she revealed to her fans the morning of September 17.

According to Jasmine, she had ended her one of her previous broadcasts at 3 AM, about five minutes away from her apartment complex, when she realized that she was being followed.

The stalker followed her into her apartment complex and came up to stand behind her — but he was a little close for comfort, attempting to make conversation in Japanese.

Jasmine tried to convey that she couldn’t speak the language, but that didn’t deter the man from continuing the convo — as well as trying to lift up her skirt.

Shocked, Jasmine batted his hand away, but the man even tried to follow her into the elevator. Luckily, she was able to close the doors on him and made it to her apartment, although she worried that immediately returning home could have led the stranger to her residence.

“I also live alone, too, so I was like, panicking,” she said of the ordeal. “…it was scary! It’s like the first situation where I’m like, literally getting sexually harassed out on these streets, man.”

While this isn’t the first time Jasmine has dealt with creepers during her travels, it certainly marks an uncomfortable situation for the streamer, who revealed that she’s too afraid to end her broadcasts until she makes it back to her apartment.

Jasmine’s story follows a number of other concerning stalking situations as reported by other Twitch streamers, who are reaching out to fans for help after multiple instances of police inaction in spite of threats and other disturbing behavior from their stalkers.