Twitch streamer says “Mr Beast” 150,000 times consecutively over 39 hours

Calum Patterson

A Twitch streamer called LFG_Amendz has spent almost two days on stream doing nothing but saying the name of YouTuber MrBeast continually, until he finally hit 150,000 repetitions.

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The first question you may be asking is: ‘why?’ – well it likely has something to do with MrBeast’s history with Twitch streamers.

His YouTube channel became very popular during the past year when he started posting videos in which he donates exorbitant amounts of money to streamers out of the blue, capturing their reactions and cutting it up into videos.

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Some of his most popular videos include ‘I donated $30,000 to my favorite Twitch streamer’ and ‘donating money to attractive Twitch streamers’.

He has even helped grow some channels, such as that of FaZe Clan’s Fortnite player SpaceLyon, who featured in one of MrBeast’s videos which now has almost 20 million views.

Streamer LFG_Amendz may have been doing the MrBeast name marathon in the hope of getting the YouTuber’s attention so that he could feature in one of these videos himself. 

However,  the streamer also had two charity donations set up, so that if viewers wanted to donate, they could put money towards the X Foundation – in memory of rapper XXXTentacion – or to the Gateway Rehab charity, in memory of Mac Miller. 

In total, he said MrBeast 150,000 times, you can see the final moments in this clip.

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Unfortunately for LFG_Amendz though, it appears that MrBeast didn’t come across the 39-hour stream, but at least he did gain a few new fans from it.

The channel on Twitch hit over 200 followers, which according to Social Blade, almost all of which came during this livestream.

The stream was shared to Reddit which helped garner it some exposure, and lots of people on Twitter were sharing the stream and tagging MrBeast, hoping that he might come across it. Maybe there is still hope for LFG_Amendz.