Twitch streamer reveals why he turned down easy $20k sponsorship deal

Brent Koepp

Popular Twitch streamer Adam ‘B0aty’ Lyne stunned his viewers when he revealed he had turned down a $20,000 sponsorship. The personality’s explanation gained him respect with his chat.

B0aty has grown a sizable audience on Twitch playing Old School RuneScape. Viewers flock to his live streams to watch him experience the classic MMORPG developed by Jagex.

However during his May 7 broadcast, the streamer shocked his fans when he explained he had been given a highly lucrative sponsorship deal – and had turned it down to stick with his principles.

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Streamer turns down $20k deal

The streamer was in the middle of his broadcast when he told his audience about an incredible sponsorship he had been offered. “An hour and a half of my time, over the course of two weeks – 20 thousand dollars. I’m not even kidding,” he said.

B0aty then revealed why he had to decline it. “I have to play blackjack and roulette. Which means it is a decline. My rule of streaming is, I will never ever take any sponsor of a house-odds table game gambling. No matter what the price.”

The Twitch personality explained that he was thinking about his audience. “Because gambling addiction is a real thing. I get s**t rich, but then I can ruin a lot of my viewers lives, and that’s on my conscious forever,” he said.

The Runescape streamer was met with praise from his chat, who repeatedly typed “RESPECT.” Replying to a viewer, he exclaimed, “Yes, it’s their fault for doing it, but I’m the gateway. So you have to decline that s**t in my opinion.”

Lyne clarified that he does take certain game deals depending on what they are. “Now obviously I do take poker sponsors, but poker is not a house-odds table game. It’s a game you can get better at.”

He then clarified his specific issue with the sponsorship. “You lose all your money at poker, you are a s**t poker player. You lose all your money playing blackjack, you’re supposed to. Think about it. So yeah, I got that and I was like WHOOOOOA!”

The Twitch streamer will be sure to gain points with his audience for being honest and transparent. Turning down that amount of money is easier said than done.

If nothing else though, B0aty’s story gives viewers an insight into the kind of sponsorship deals that get offered to online personalities, and the temptations of the dollar amount behind them.

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