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PewDiePie roasts Apple for their “crappy” product designs

Published: 7/May/2020 22:25 Updated: 7/May/2020 22:27

by Brent Koepp


YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg hilariously roasted software giant Apple during his May 7 upload. The Swedish entertainer hit out at some of their products for having “crappy” designs. 

PewDiePie has continued to dominate on YouTube, as his reaction content has never been more popular. Boasting over 104 million subscribers, viewers can’t seem to get enough of the Swede’s hot takes.

During his latest episode, the entertainer hilariously took shots at Apple, and explained why he thinks some of their creations have questionable design choices. His takedown of these products will leave you in stitches.

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PewDiePie roasts Apple products

The YouTuber was reacting to the Reddit forum r/crappydesigns when he stumbled across a submission about the Mac Pro. He found the product’s wheel design hilarious, as the video showed the device rolling away.

“The wheels on the new Mac Pro don’t have locks. They cost $550!” he said, breaking into laughter. He then sarcastically added, “I love this because it’s Apple, you know. You open their products … “Designed in California.” They wouldn’t put manufactured in China.”

Pewds continued to roast the device. “Well done Californians. You did it! That looks like s**t. It looks so flipping ugly. First off, the logo is way too big, there is no style in that!” he joked.


(Timestamp 00:40 for mobile users.)

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This wasn’t the first time the YouTuber hit out at the Cupertino-based company, as later on in the video he also mocked their wired mouse product, calling it the epitome of bad design.

“Apple, on the forefront of crappy designs. THEY CANT’ KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT!” he comically yelled. He then joked “Just stop buying Apple products, it’s not that hard.”

YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish entertainer cracked jokes about the Apple product.

The 30-year-old ended the video by explaining why bad designs bother him so much. “You can make things so much better, with smart people doing the job. It doesn’t have to be like this! That’s the problem. That is what annoys me so much.”


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PewDiePie was, of course, joking, as his sense of humor is soaked in sarcasm. After all, Apple wasn’t the only platform he took jabs at. “Isn’t Windows itself really poorly designed? Like we’re all just supposed to know to press control, alt, delete or alt, f4,” he joked.

The popular content creator continues to dominate on his platform. On May 4, he announced that he had signed a major deal with YouTube to exclusively stream on their service.