Hasan reveals why he turned down $500K offer for one lucrative Twitch stream

Screenshot of Hasan talking about sponsorsTwitch: HasanAbi

Hasan revealed in a recent stream why he once turned down a $500,000 offer to stream a game of poker, and why he regularly turns down similarly lucrative sponsorship deals. 

Hasan has been a long-time critic of gambling streams, as he was one of the leading voices when streamers banded together to force Twitch to ban gambling streams from the platform. To this day, he continues to push the point, having most recently clashed with Trainwrecks in a debate over his gambling streams. 

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While talking about the backlash he has gotten from the conversation, he revealed that not only does he regularly turn down big sponsors, he also once turned down a $500k offer to play a single game of poker on stream.

He first talked about the difference in earnings between him and Train, as Train mocked Hasan’s $50,000 donation to Syrian and Turkish earthquake reliefs as “a small percentage” of his earnings.

Hasan went on to explain how he does not earn as much money as Train, despite similar viewership. As he claimed in the debate, he regularly turns down sponsors, which is why his streams have a minimal amount of advertisements throughout.

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“I wasn’t lying about that by the way” he said on March 21. “I turned down half a million dollars to play poker on stream, literally that morning” he continued.

He said that this was the first and only time he will reveal how much money he has rejected, but assures his viewers it was real. 

“I don’t even have a f***ing issue with poker” he says. “I just don’t know how to play.”

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So don’t expect to see Hasan jumping on the gambling hype train anytime soon, as not even a lucrative offer like this could get him to change his mind.

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