Twitch streamer reveals terrifying IRL stalking incident with viewer who “loves” her

Virginia Glaze
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Twitch streamer ‘Alia’ shared a shocking experience after one of her followers flew from Louisiana to Canada and came to her workplace to confess his “love” for her.

Twitch streamers often share large portions of their time with viewers, broadcasting for hours a day and interacting with their chat while picking up a few regular fans along the way.

Unfortunately, some of these fans (and trolls) can take things too far. A number of streamers have undergone serious breaches of privacy during their career — in August alone, several high-profile broadcasters were swatted in a series of frightening incidents.

Stalkers are also prevalent among streamers, with names like Amouranth and Sweet Anita sharing their own horrifying stories dealing with stalkers over the course of their time in the limelight.

Twitch streamer Alia, also known as ‘waffuls,’ updated fans with her own stalking situation in a chilling Twitlonger post published on August 28.

howard stern reacts to amouranth
Amouranth, the second most-followed woman on Twitch, shared a horrifying story of a stalker who flew all the way from Estonia to her home in the US.

According to Alia, one of her viewers had been following her for a year and finally found out where she lived. He flew all the way from Louisiana in the Southern United States to British Columbia, Canada to meet her in person — and even found out her city and her exact place of employment from years-old Instagram photos.

Alia says that his behavior started up online, when he “donated thousands of dollars, cheered thousands of bits, and gifted hundreds of subs over the course of a few months. It all came out of nowhere.”

Twitch streamer stalked by “obsessed” fan

He also admitted to falling in love with her over the internet. After telling him that she didn’t have any romantic interest in him and reiterating that she only streams for fun, things seemed to calm down… until he showed up at Alia’s workplace.

When asked why he’d stalked her, the fan answered: “Either I’m crazy or I’m in love with you.”

“He said he was in love and obsessed with me,” Alia wrote. “I told him we don’t know anything about each other and he didn’t seem to understand. He also didn’t understand why I was angry or shocked.”

Luckily, Alia was able to text her manager and asked them to call 911. Local law enforcement eventually showed up and held him overnight before releasing him. Alia claims he then sent her a “disturbing DM” on Twitter before claiming he was going back to the States.

Alia is using her harrowing experience with the stalker to warn others about protecting their privacy online and urging fans to respect streamers’ personal lives.

“If you have to stalk someone to find out where they live or work just to meet them in real life… that’s not friendship. If you have to throw thousands of dollars at someone just to get some affection… that’s not love.”

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