Twitch streamer reveals unhinged messages she received from stalker

twitch streamer stalker DMs

A girl on DariusIRL’s stream revealed strange messages from a streamer stalker that declared everlasting love and obsession for her, despite never getting any responses.

The girl, named Ellie, showed streamer DariusIRL the messages, which took ages to scroll past, and included voice notes that lasted almost half an hour.

The messager also apologized for “being an insane person”, but continued to message after that point, sending Ellie extremely long messages that thanked her for “bringing my light back”.

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The messages frequently asked Ellie to call back, and at one point said: “last time I promise” before being followed by another paragraph.

Perhaps one of the scariest parts of the wall of text was when the stalker described his thoughts, saying: “you seem to consume more of me with every hour I am awake. It’s not stopping. I don’t think I want it to.”

This was followed by another message that promised that “I’m not b*tchless and desperate right now”, which did little to reassure the streamers.

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DariusIRL reacts to DMs from streamer stalker

While Ellie scrolled through the messages, Darius was shocked by how long each of the messages were, and how committed the messager was to a relationship that didn’t exist.

“He talks to himself for ten minutes straight. I’d fear for my life. Why do you think she didn’t respond, bro? Why do you think she didn’t respond? Oh my lord.”

The stream’s live chat was also extremely concerned by the messages, from the streamer stalker with one viewer describing the messages as “unironic schizophrenia”. Another commenter said: “I’d fear for my life”, which DariusIRL agreed with.

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