Twitch streamer banned for playing suggestive video to ‘bait’ hundreds of viewers into watching him

Joe Craven

A Twitch streamer hilariously pranked his viewing audience, simply by playing a video of a woman dancing suggestively, and bringing in over 120 viewers in the process.

Twitch streamer ‘HelixFlame’ thought it would be funny (and it was) to bait people into clicking on his stream by playing a video of a woman dancing in an erotic manner.

The subsequent response, in which over a hundred people clicked on his stream to ‘investigate’ the raunchy video, was done by Helix to illustrate how easy it is to attract “horny” viewers to a stream.

The video was put on to trick viewers into opening his stream.

After the video had played for a few moments, the screen turned black, and then Helix appeared, saying: “There’s fucking one hundred people here. Okay, really? You horny motherfuckers.”

He tells his viewers they have just been ‘jebaited’ – in reference to the Twitch emote – and jokes that he should be partnered (by Twitch). He goes on to instruct them to “go to a porn site, this is”.

The farcical clip has emerged amid debates about Twitch’s restrictions on appropriate content and, wherever you stand on it, it’s undoubtedly a funny way of tricking viewers.

The clip also went semi-viral, so Helix has likely earned himself a few new followers too.

Update, March 3 2019: HelixFlame has revealed that he has been punished by Twitch for his hilarious antics, announcing in a video that his account has been banned indefinitely by the video streaming platform for the stunt. 

In the video, Helix reveals that his account was suspended for “sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities,” with no set date for the reinstatement of his channel.

Helix suggests that that the ban shows there is a double standard on the site, citing streamers like Amouranth who he believes streams content that was just as suggestive as what he was showing.

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