Twitch streamer panics as extreme winds cause absolute disaster to outdoors setup

Dylan Horetski

A Twitch streamer by the name of BonnieRabbit was left shocked after her patio covering blew away in the wind during a broadcast.

When IRL streaming on Twitch, whether it be in a faraway town or just in your backyard, there’s no telling what could happen during the broadcast.

From getting chased by monkeys to a man attempting to break into your car while you’re streaming, the possibilities are endless.

During a recent broadcast, Twitch streamer BonnieRabbit was broadcasting from her patio when the wind decided to take away part of her patio covering.

Twitch streamer’s patio covering blows away

On May 11, 2023, Bonnie was on the patio building raised garden beds with Esfand when she realized it was time to secure her gazebo better.

The wind had a different idea as she was doing so apparently as it ripped it from her hands.

“No No. No. No!!” she screamed as it blew across the patio.

Unfortunately, the patio cover blew down into the yard which damaged it in the process. Frustrated, Bonnie went back inside to recoup as she attempted to figure out what to do.

“Chat, I’m moving.” She joked before going back outside to look at the damage.

Bonnie and Esfand were unsuccessful at getting it back upstairs before the end of the stream, but they were able to fulfill the original idea of creating raised plant beds for their garden.

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