Twitch streamer mortified after pet chicken poops on her mid-broadcast

Twitch: Diddly

Twitch streamer and bird lover ‘Diddly’ brought her pet chicken onto a live broadcast when her farm fowl let loose its bowels right on camera — leaving her absolutely mortified.

You never know what you’re going to get while browsing through Twitch… but it’s safe to say that this content creator had no idea what her own stream was about to turn into.

Twitch is a haven for all sorts of outrageous content, especially when it comes to animals. From cats almost setting their owners’ houses ablaze to dogs nearly giving their owners a concussion, pets are as silly on Twitch as they are in real life.

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For Twitch star ‘Diddly,’ this situation is no different. The gamer, ASMR-tist, and pet lover makes no bones about her love for her fowl friends, publicly claiming she’s absolutely “obsessed with birds.”

Diddly and pet birdInstagram: ohdiddly
Australian Twitch streamer ‘Diddly’ is a self-professed bird-lover.

Diddly says she owns three parrots and two chickens — one of which made a surprise appearance in her March 16 Twitch broadcast.

At first, things seemed to be going smoothly. The white hen explored Diddly’s desktop setup before getting held up in front of the camera for all to see.

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Diddly Twitch chickenTwitch: Diddly
Diddly’s Twitch chat was obviously excited to see her pet chicken.

However, it looks like the chicken got a bit of stage fright, as it let loose a massive bowel movement right on its owner’s lap.

Understandably, Diddly was totally mortified, but gave viewers a look at the gory aftermath anyway.

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“It’s warm! It’s so wet!” she exclaimed. “It’s running in places it should not be going! …not the diarrhea, not the f**king diarrhea!”

She also had a few choice words for viewers annoyed by her reaction to the unexpected poo (seeing as it was a chicken, after all).

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“‘I mean, what do you expect, it’s a chicken?'” she said, reading out a comment from her chat. “Shut the f**k up. I’ve had her for two months, and I’ve never been s**t on like this before. She just wanted to show off for the camera, I think.”

The Twitch streamer had to abandon her ongoing League game to go wash up.

Ultimately, the crisis was taken care of — but she’ll probably think twice before inviting her feathered friends onto a live stream again (at least, without having a towel handy).

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