Mizkif shuts down xQc’s logic for not winning Streamer of the Year

mizkif-xqc-streamer-awards-ludwigTwitch: Mizkif / xQc

Ludwig’s win at The Streamer Awards shocked the community. However, as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has disputed the claim, Mizkif believes the juicer wouldn’t have won regardless of if he encouraged viewers to vote for him like other stars did with their own audiences.

xQc told fans he wasn’t surprised he didn’t win Streamer of the Year at The Streamer Awards because he didn’t campaign for it in a bid to stop it from becoming a popular vote.

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However, he also insisted it wasn’t an excuse.

However, after hearing from QTCinderella that Ludwig won by more than 100,000 votes, Mizkif thinks it wouldn’t have changed a thing because the deficit between them was too big to make up based on the numbers.

YouTuber Ludwig accepting streamer of the year at the Streamer Awards screenshot.Twitch: QTCinderella
Ludwig won Streamer of the Year at the first-ever Streamer Awards.

“Ludwig won by 100,000 votes,” said Miz. “It sounds bizarre to me because I’m surprised 100,000 people voted. He won by 100,000 votes. That’s what QTCinderella said.

“Apparently, it was not even a competition.”

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Then, after a viewer told him xQc didn’t tell his own viewers to vote, which could have changed the outcome, he said: “I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t think it would have been mattered if xQc did tell people to vote.”

“xQc probably had, what, 80,000 viewers doing this whole thing? Let’s say half of them did it. That’s 40,000. I don’t think it would have made the difference. Ludwig pushing it on YouTube made it not even close.”

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Miz also claimed Ludwig’s popularity rivals xQc’s. “xQc has millions of followers? You don’t think Ludwig does? Ludwig is massive. Do people forget how big Ludwig is? He’s a f**king big dude on YouTube!”

Miz believes another candidate, Ibai, deserved to win the award more than anyone. It’s a sentiment that fellow OTK member Asmongold shared.

However, he thinks xQc and Ludwig did enough to warrant a win, too.

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“If you want my honest opinion, if it isn’t Ibai winning Streamer of the Year, I would say xQc definitely deserves it. I would say that’s very fair. But do I think Ludwig deserves it as well? Yeah, Ludwig worked his ass off.”