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Twitch streamer mortified after accidentally exposing very personal texts from partner

Published: 28/Mar/2022 18:27

by Dylan Horetski


Twitch streamer ‘Nara_Fae’ was left absolutely mortified after very personal text messages from her partner were exposed live on her broadcast. 

As the Amazon-owned website has gained popularity over the last few years, more and more creators have had widely interesting accidents happen while broadcasting.

Ranging from personal slip-ups such as car accidents to outright getting attacked on a live stream — Twitch streamers having accidents while live are likely to continue happening far into the future.

Nara_Fae was live-streaming when she was left mortified after her computer displayed extremely personal text messages from her partner on her broadcast.


Twitch streamer left mortified over personal texts on stream

On Windows 10 and 11, there is an application called ‘My Phone’ that allows you to connect your device to your PC where it then shows your notifications in a popup on the corner of your screen.

While she was streaming a game of Jackbox with her friends on Discord, Nara_Fae’s partner sent her several suggestive messages that popped up on her stream.

Embarrassed, she instantly clicked away from the notification boxes. She said while laughing: “I really need to turn those off.”

She in fact went on to embarrassingly disable the on-screen notifications and sent a text to her partner letting them know what had happened.


Another option for the creator would have been to switch OBS from display capture to program capture as it would have allowed her to continue receiving the notifications without them being displayed on her Twitch stream.

On March 24, a similar-sized creator by the name of Mixtres went viral for making the mistake of listening to her chat when they recommended she press alt+f4 — which led to her stream closing.