Rookie Twitch streamer falls for oldest trick in the book after finally getting a PC

Twitch streamer Mixtres falls for prankTwitch/Mixtres

A newb Twitch streamer has earned the hearts of viewers after she fell for one of the oldest pranks on the internet.

Twitch pranks aren’t uncommon in the slightest. With streamers engaging with their audience, accepting donations, and reading chat, there is plenty of room for mischief.

For new streamers, let alone PC users, there is one specific prank that has existed ever since keyboard shortcuts existed: the infamous alt+f4 combo.

Not knowing what the button combination would do, Twitch streamer Mixtres was told to try it out, and did so, completely unaware that it would close her open tab and end her broadcast.

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Twitch streamer baffled after ancient prank

During a March 24 broadcast, Mixtres was chatting with her viewers when one of them requested she press “alt and F4 at the same time.”

Curious what the combination would do, she hit the two buttons and within an instant, her stream went dark, perfectly recreating The Sopranos ending.

“I just wanted to let you know you’re a b*tch for that,” she flamed the prankster viewer upon restarting the stream. “Now I know what alt F4 means. That’s actually pretty cool.”

Streamer denies prank was for content

According to the streamer, she expected the keyboard shortcut to ask her if she wanted to close a window and not just shut it down completely.

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As the clip gained popularity on the LiveStreamFail subreddit, some users doubted the legitimacy of the video, claiming that Mixtres fell for the prank on purpose.

Streamer responds to criticsReddit
Mixtres insisted she didn’t know what alt and F4 did.

“I got a PC roughly a month ago so I have no idea what any buttons mean,” she said in response to a skeptical viewer.

Hopefully, this will be a learning lesson for the rookie streamer not to press buttons or click on links just because chat wants her to. As we’ve seen from the past, this is hardly a good idea, but at least in this case, the damage was extremely minimal.

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