Twitch streamer Knut roasts Greekgodx over viral rant

Emma Hill
GreekGodx and Knut streaming on Twitch
Twitch: Knut/ GreekGodx

Popular Twitch streamer ‘Knut’ hit out at Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos saying that “absolutely no girls will date” his fellow creator after he made sexist comments during his stream and was suspended from Twitch. 

Veteran content creator Greekgodx landed himself in hot water after he went on a sexist rant during his June 28 stream. He claimed that if any woman wanted to date him she should expect “to be in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and making sure [his] home is f**king clean.”

Although it’s not clear whether this was the official reason why he was subsequently banned on Twitch, his comments nonetheless sparked outrage online. It also became a hot topic for many streamers who shared their thoughts on his suspension.

Now, fitness streamer Knut has added his voice to the debate saying that Greek’s comments will have a hugely negative impact on his dating life.

Twitch streamer Knut showing off his physic
Twitter: Knut
Famous for his intimidating physic, Knut has also shown his softer side through his adorable relationship with his daughter.

Knut slams Greekgodx following Twitch ban

On June 30, Knut was asked by his fans about his thoughts surrounding Greek’s 3-day suspension from Twitch.

“First of all, when it comes to Greek, I think he should calm the f**k down,” Knut said. “It’s okay that maybe he wants a different relationship than most want. But, f**king take it easy. You’re talking out of your a*s.”

He added: “There’s absolutely no girls that will date him after his take. So, when he said he was speaking to everyone that wanted to date him. Well, now it’s none.”

Knut’s comments prompted a further wave of debate after the clip surfaced on Reddit with fans split over Greek’s ban as well as Knut’s take on the situation.

As one fan said: “Knut is so predictable I knew exactly what he would say in this clip.” However, another argued that Knut’s comments were not particularly ground-breaking or some kind of “grand insight.”

Greekgodx’s suspension from Twitch has officially ended for now. However, it’s clear that his fellow streamers still have plenty more to say about his comments.