Twitch streamer gets massive viewership boost after putting on fake chest

Lawrence Scotti
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Twitch: poopernoodle

Twitch streamer poopernoodle got a huge increase in viewership after wearing a fake chest during a broadcast that saw her numbers explode like she’s never seen before.

Poopernoodle is a streamer that has become known for pulling hilarious stunts during her broadcasts that have earned her viral fame on the popular Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Back in September 2021, she went viral for painting a portrait of Twitch star xQc live on stream, using only her nose as the paintbrush.

Now, noodle is back, and this time, she’s pulled another stunt that has made her go viral once again.

pooper xqc
Poopernoodle once painted a portrait of xQc using only her nose.

Twitch streamer wears fake boobs and gains insane viewership boost

The UK-based streamer went live on July 1 wearing a Vykas cosplay from the popular MMO Lost Ark.

The part of the cosplay that brought so many new viewers was the fake chest she wore and displayed on stream, a broadcast that ended up being one of her most successful to date. The fake chest matched her skin tone perfectly, making them seem not prosthetic at all.

The streamer said: “So, I made the decision to buy a pair of boobs and wore them on stream today and uhh,” with a picture of her stats for the day. According to her Twitch stats, she increased her average viewership by over 800, gained nearly 20k new unique viewers, and earned over 37k live viewers.

On July 2, poopernoodle once again went live in the Vykas cosplay broadcasting to an average viewership over double what she was previously.

Poopernoodle may have invented the new meta for Twitch streaming.