Greekgodx slams “greedy” streamers gambling on Twitch

Greekgodx IRL streaming on TwitchTwitch: Greekgodx

Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonato has hit out at Twitch streamers who use gambling in their content, saying he finds the idea “gross.”

Streamers such as Twitch stars xQc and Trainwreck have sparked plenty of outrage as they’ve plowed on with their gambling livestreams. Many creators and viewers have warned that it not only encourages their own addictions but also affects young and impressionable viewers.

Understandably the topic has proved controversial among the community, with plenty of streamers calling for the streams to be banned. But, then so has Twitch streamer Greekgodx, who has similarly received heavy backlash and been banned from the platform numerous times over his comments.

Greek himself has even indulged in gambling during his streams in the past. However, he claims he would have to be “desperate” to head to the slots again.

Greekgodx refuses to hang out with gambling streamers

In a rare appearance on August 22, Greek was asked by his viewers why he doesn’t spend much time with his fellow Twitch streamers. He claimed that “they all do sh*t” that he doesn’t “want to be involved with” including gambling.

When responding to queries as to whether he would gamble on stream again, Greek added: “I’d have to be real desperate for money to gamble. I’m not that greedy, see. It’s so easy. It’s like the Devil is tempting you with money.”

However, he didn’t want to “write off” gambling indefinitely. Yet, he stated it currently feels “gross” for him to take it up again.

One thing he was certain about though, was that he doesn’t “want to hang around with gambling degenerates.”

His comments come after he and xQc came to blows in an explosive 90-minute long argument on Twitch. During which Greek hit out at the Twitch star for “being stuck streaming in [his] room every day” and continuing to stream despite having made so much money.

Greek’s future in gambling streams is still unclear. However, it’s likely we won’t see him popping on xQc’s livestream again any time soon.