Twitch streamer Jinny speechless after fan gifts her a brand-new tablet

Georgina Smith
Twitch streamer Jinny showing the camera what a fan gifted her

Twitch streamer Jinny was left stunned after a fan gave her a brand-new Samsung Galaxy tablet which she opened live on stream.

Jinny has built up a substantial following on Twitch thanks to her IRL streams in which she gets up to a variety of activities, and often has some rather bizarre things happen to her.

Just some of the weird events that happened to her whilst live include someone trying to sell her drugs, having a frightening encounter with a wild deer, and many more moments just like those.

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Jinny’s bubbly personality and charm has won over thousands of followers already, and she’s only going to grow even further.

Her 530,000 followers tune in to see her entertaining streams often, and in return for her entertaining personality, some dedicated viewers have even sent her gifts to her PO box.

In a colossal 139 hours stream to celebrate 500,000 subscribers, Jinny took a moment to open some of the packages she had been sent by fans. Some of the gifts were classic novelty items, like a kazoo and a tiny claw machine, which were all entertaining in their own right.

But the last thing Jinny expected to receive was a brand new tablet. She was mid telling her viewers not to go to bed when she looked down mid-sentence and realized what exactly it was that she unwrapped.

Speechless, she held up the box to the camera, showing a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite. After a very long pause she finally said, “what the f**k? No way dude, no way. Is this real?”

Opening the plastic seal with a knife, the tablet appeared to be completely brand-new, and it’s safe to say Jinny was stunned by the generosity of her viewer.

While the chat were super excited for her, some also raised the point that there is a chance it could have been hacked or bugged in some way before it was sent, and warned her to be careful. However, everything seemed to look normal on the surface as she switched it on.

Regardless, the gift totally shocked Jinny, and she wasted no time getting everything set up and practicing her drawing skills on her brand new device.