Twitch streamer Jenna breaks down in plea to stalker

Jenna, twitch

After dealing with an unrelenting stalker for months, Twitch streamer Jenna broke down with a passionate plea to be left alone.

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Jenna opens her stream by discussing the stress and anxiety she’s been dealing with lately, saying that the situation has been having a huge impact on her life.

As she continues talking, the weight of the it all starts to come down on her and she’s unable to keep herself calm as she recalls what she’s been through.

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“He’s probably watching me right now,” she realizes before launching into a bit of background on her stalker and why it’s been so tough to deal with.

“You fucking find me in real life. You pretend to be someone else even though you know I never wanted to meet you, and you still come after me. Leave me alone!”

The moment she’s referring to is one that actually happened during an IRL stream at PAX West last month.

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It’s at this point that she completely breaks down and makes her most emotional plea to the persistent stalker.

“I can’t handle this! He’s getting prosecuted and he’s still coming after me. Leave me alone, please. There’s two states prosecuting you and you won’t leave me alone. Please leave me alone!” Jenna exclaims in between bouts of tears.

After taking a minute to collect her thoughts and take some deep breaths, Jenna manages to calm down and continue on with her stream.

As the stream progressed, she looked to be back to her usual self, laughing and smiling while playing a few games of Fortnite.