Twitch streamer Jenna apologizes for racist and homophobic messages

Twitch: Jenna

Popular Twitch personality Jenna has responded and apologized after a series of old messages containing racist and homophobic slurs from her Discord channel were screenshotted and shared on Reddit.

The messages were posted to r/LiveStreamfail, a subreddit community of over 600,000 users, but the post gained such notoriety that it reached the main homepage of Reddit, r/All.

Over 30 screenshots were included in the post made on January 13, as her Discord messages were searched, ranging from 2016 to 2019.

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The chat logs were posted to Reddit on January 13, where they quickly went viral.

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The messages include the use of the n-word, as well as frequent use of homophobic, anti-semitic and ableist slurs.

In her January 14 livestream, Jenna read through the posts, and initially appeared shocked, before responding to the screenshots and allegations.

“I feel terrible. I’m a f**k up,” she began, “but I already knew I was a f**k up, so… I’m sh**ty. […] I’m not going to lie guys, I don’t remember doing any of this, it’s not how I feel. And if I lose my partnership for it, I deserve it.

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After some viewers argued that she hadn’t given a proper apology, Jenna said “I’m sorry for hurting anyone’s feelings, you’re right. I’m sorry that I’m a f**k up, and I’m sorry that I’m a stupid girl and I’m sorry that I make mistakes.”

Although Jenna herself has considered that she could lose her Twitch partnership as a result of the old messages, the platform’s stance in this situation is unclear.

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The messages were made outwith Twitch itself, and although the community guidelines do state that they “may take action against users for hateful conduct or harassment that occurs off Twitch services,”, it is only for such actions directed at Twitch users.

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One of Jenna’s comments did directly address another streamer, ‘Justfoxii’. Linking her stream, Jenna wrote “how can she be comfortable with that much makeup,” and “bringing something to the Twitch platform besides her curveless body?”

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This latest controversy comes less than a week following accusations that Jenna had mistreated a previous partner, which she also responded to on stream.

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