Twitch musician fainting mid-song wasn’t enough to stop rock performance

Twitch: Halocene / Pixabay

A Twitch band has showcased that sometimes the show must go on, even when someone faints, continuing their jam even when they’re a man down.

When you’re a musician and something happens on stage, from an audio mishap to a missed verse, you’ve gotta think on the fly to keep the show going. 

This extends to some medical episodes as well, as shown by one band on Twitch who kept the performance up even with a man down on the floor.

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Halocene, who perform on Twitch every week in front of their fans, were playing their new single ‘This Is Our War.’ The rock song involves a little bit of screaming from guitarist Bradley Amick to back up lead vocalist Addie Nicole.

Halocene are an independent band hailing from Arizona, often performing on Twitch.

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However, Amick hit the song a bit too hard though during his section. As he screamed into the mic, the musician was hit with a rush of blood, blacking out and falling to the ground.

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He managed to mutter out a few words as he fell, but otherwise laid on the ground for around 30 seconds to recover. However, the show must go on, with Brad getting up and continuing from where he left off without missing a beat, although he went a bit easier in the screaming sections.

After the song wrapped up, Nicole was curious as to what happened, even having a cheeky dig about why he randomly fell over. However, he was less than impressed, getting a bit worked up over the question and describing how he felt in the moment.

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“I’ve just gotta say, a complete middle finger for you to denying that I fainted, because I did,” he said. “I didn’t think it was coming, it just happened. It literally was like, your face gets tingly and then in a second you black out.”

Although he was on the floor, all he could think about was getting back up and continuing to play. “You couldn’t stop the song, the song’s playing, I’ve gotta keep going,” he said.

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The band’s audience in Twitch chat were concerned for the guitarist, as was Nicole, but he was fine to continue going.

“I feel fine. I just can’t scream today, sorry guys. Last week I f**king I was doing just fine. I’m not breathing enough, I’m hyperventilating during my screaming. I just have to catch my breath.”

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Halocene are an independent band from Arizona, often doing rock and pop covers as well as releasing their own content. They have released four original albums and a bunch of covers, with a sizable following on Spotify and YouTube, and even opened for Blink 182 back in 2015.

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They also recently won the Rajj Talent Show, taking home $15,000 to continue doing what they love on Twitch.

While they’ll continue to perform on Twitch, they might not go as hard to try and keep the show going with all four members on their feet.

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