Twitch streamer horrified after dog poops in his bed during sleep stream

Alice Sjöberg
Dog poops on Finnish streamer on live stream

A Finnish Twitch streamer, MikkisTTV, woke up by a surprise from his dog in the middle of a sleep live stream. The dog had been seen pooping on the bed a few hours prior.

Twitch users live streaming themselves while sleeping is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s a pretty popular trend. Amouranth even revealed the crazy amount she earns for her sleeping live streams.

Like with any other live stream, you can never predict what will happen.

A Finnish streamer, MikkisTTV, was in the midst of a sleeping live stream when his dog decided to leave him a surprise in bed. While Makkis was asleep, viewers could see the dog jump up on the bed and get into a squatting position to do its business.

When Mikkis later woke up, he shuffled under the duvet. Viewers waited in anticipation for whether or not he would notice the poo further down on the bed and duvet. As it seemed he was going back to sleep, he accidentally put his hand in the unwanted present.

Still confused from tiredness, he tries to look at his hand in the dark before looking down at the duvet. He soon realized what’d happened which made him quickly get up with a disgusted look on his face.

According to his Twitch profile, Mikkis is a 27-year-old streamer from Kaajani, Finland, who has an interest in games like Teamfight Tactics.

This is not the first time a dog has left their owners shocked live on stream. Twitch streamer ‘Breehzee’  was in the middle of a live stream in 2019 when looked back at his dog behind him only to find the dog peeing all over his bedsheets.

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