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Twitch streamer Hasan has unusual reaction after eating his dog’s food

Published: 12/Jul/2019 12:58 Updated: 12/Jul/2019 14:49

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker left viewers slightly bemused when he decided to ‘test’ out his dog’s food by eating it for himself.

Aside from giving a home to esports broadcasts and allowing some of the world’s best gamers to show off their unique talents, Twitch gives a home to the weird and wonderful moments from everyday life.


Hop into an IRL section like Just Chatting and you’ll find a streamer that is sure to leave you as entertained as they do bemused. One such instance happened when Hasan, a streamer and political news YouTuber, brought his fan-favorite dog ‘Fish’ on-stream. 

YouTube: Hasan PikerHasan has cultivated a loyal following due to his Just Chatting content.

During his July 12 stream, the IRL streamer revealed that he had received a ‘creepy’ box and he wasn’t too sure what was inside. Of course, with his viewers demanding it be opened, Hasan obliged and ripped it open.


However, his worries of having some disturbing hidden inside were allayed when he discovered that it was just treats and food for his dog. Yet, things started to take a turn when Hasan was impressed by how good looking the food seemed.

“Oh my God, this smells so good. Ok, I’m going to try one too, fuck this” stated the streamer after opening up the packet of treats. 

After taking a small nibble, Hasan was completely wowed by the taste. “Oh my God, these are delicious,” he added, as his dog watched on and waited patiently to be fed. The streamer continued: “These are literally delicious,” before denying Fish a taste and finishing off his biscuit.


Of course, Hasan finally gave in and shared the bag of treats with his dog, but not before he took a bite of a second biscuit. 

“Ok, he loves this shit,” commented the streamer after his dog had finished off his second treat and went searching for more. 

Now, considering his dog plays a big role in his streams sometimes, fans will more than likely get to see him in the future.


What they might not get to see, though, is Hasan finishing off two of his pets treats so they might want to savor this unique, yet strange, moment. 


Josh Richards slams influencers who use the Sway House for clout points

Published: 13/Oct/2020 19:28

by Virginia Glaze


Josh Richards is one of TikTok’s most popular content creators and an integral part of the Sway House — a group that he’s not too pleased is being used for clout by other influencers looking to get a leg up in the industry.

Josh Richards, who boasts over 22 million followers on TikTok (in no small part due to showing off his abs in every other video), feels that some creators are taking advantage of the Sway House’s kindness to grow their own platforms and split.


Richards spoke on the situation during an episode of Barstool Sports’ ‘BFFs’ podcast on October 13, claiming that he had at first wanted to help other creators get started by giving them a boost.

“I knew how to pump out a million videos back to back,” he explained. “And I’d do five a day. And then I would see these other kids who were starting to blow up, and I was like, ‘Okay, if I give them a little bit of direction, they could be huge.’”


However, co-host Dave Portnoy noted that sometimes these kinds of relationships can go south — a sentiment that Richards agreed with, sharing his own experiences with stars just trying to use the Sway House.

“There’s so many people that come to us, and they’ll start filming at our house,” he continued. “I think we’ve gotten better at not letting this happen, but they would just use us for videos. They would sleep over, they would always be like, ‘Get in our videos!’”


“The thing that sucks about that is that you don’t really know who’s out to get you anymore and then who’s just really trying to be there, be your homie and just vibe with you,” he added. “That really sucks.”

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Richards isn’t the first internet star to make such claims, by far; YouTuber Jake Paul has also infamously accused other creators of using Team 10 to blow up and subsequently “act like they don’t know nobody,” leading to quite a bit of drama in his own realm.

While Richards’ statement has yet to be called out by other TikTokers, it’s not hard to believe that someone would try to piggyback off of someone else’s success in the age of social media fame.