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Twitch streamer has perfect response to viewers asking for feet pics

Published: 27/Apr/2020 0:48

by Brent Koepp


During her April 26 broadcast, Twitch streamer ‘AngelsKimi’ hilariously shut down a viewer’s request to see her feet with a response they will never forget.

Being a streamer requires a delicate balance between entertaining your audience, and listening to viewer requests. However, sometimes personalities are asked to do ridiculous things.

This is what happened to popular Twitch personality AngelsKimi, when someone in her chat asked to see her feet – and she had the perfect response to shut them down.

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AngelsKimi shuts down feet request

The streamer was in the middle of her broadcast talking to viewers when someone in chat typed “Can you show your feet please,” which the Twitch personality read aloud.


She then declared she had a response for those obsessed with her feet. “This is what I have to say for people who ask me to show my feet. I want you to close your eyes…” she began quietly, lulling her viewers in.

“And imagine your mom’s foot. And you will never ask a girl for feet pics again. Every time you want a girls foot picture, just imagine your mom’s foot” she whispered, before breaking into laughter.

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Her chat exploded into laughter, although some devious members of her audience were disappointed. Not entirely satisfied with her initial example, the Twitch star went to greater lengths to destroy their foot desires.


“Let me one-up that. Imagine your grandma’s foot,” she said slowly. It seemed to work, as viewers quickly began to write in her chat “No,please stop! and “Eww” repeatedly.

She then jokingly scolded them about what feet are meant for. “The only thing you should be doing to feet is putting nail polish on, clipping them, and massaging them!” she laughed.

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As streamers build a relationship with their audience, sometimes those watching can cross the line with weird requests. However, AngelsKimi found a hilarious way to shut them down.

Bizarre viewers aside, the Twitch personality continues to rise in popularity on the Amazon-owned platform, amassing over 272,000 followers to her channel at the time of writing.