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Twitch streamer has perfect response to trolls mad about her clothing

Published: 6/Dec/2019 20:38

by Virginia Glaze


It’s no secret that Twitch can be a tough crowd for female streamers – but one broadcaster had the perfect response to trolls upset about her choice of clothing.

With personalities like Corinna Kopf being banned for a year-old clip where she wore a bralette and a flannel shirt, it seems like the conversation around women on Twitch (and, more specifically, their clothing) is becoming more prevalent than ever.

In other cases, women have experienced harassment over what they choose to wear on stream – an issue for which Partnered variety streamer “AshleyRoboto” had a humorous answer.

Corinna Kopf, TwitterStreamer Corinna Kopf was banned for a year-old clip wearing a bralette and a flannel shirt.

Ashley was in the middle of a broadcast on December 5 when she paused the conversation to address a pressing issue in the Twitch community, which stemmed from the brightly colored turtleneck sweater she’d chosen to wear that day.

According to a warning from a viewer, Ashley had received a message from a fan regarding her decolletage, who was apparently upset that her sweater was obscuring it from view.

AshleyRoboto, InstagramAshley Roboto addressed some fan discomfort over the turtleneck she was wearing on stream.

“Let’s just chat for a hot second,” she began in response to the message. “Ready? If you have cleavage, the men will b*tch at you on Twitch. If you have a turtleneck, the men will b*tch at you on Twitch. What do you want?”

Ashley closed in on her face for humorous effect and continued her hilarious rant on the subject.

“Huh? What am I gonna do? I can’t have Schrodinger’s tiddy! That’s not a thing that’s gonna happen! Shh your a**es! Close ‘em up! Cheeks sewn together! Shut your god d*mn poop hole! Thank you.”

The debate surrounding womens’ clothing on Twitch has a long and storied history, with even a Chun-Li cosplayer being banned for “sexually suggestive content” – despite her outfit being relatively PG.

Considering the outrage around Alinity’s recent dog scandal, it seems that users are more pressed than ever with Twitch’s controversial moderation decisions – as well as the verdict for what is considered appropriate and inappropriate attire on the site.


Jaden Hossler hits back at critics after old tweets resurface

Published: 18/Nov/2020 11:58

by Alice Hearing


TikToker Jaden Hossler has hit back at critics for failing to move on after he apologized for “hurtful” words in old tweets that resurfaced.

Jaden Hossler is a TikToker-turned-rockstar who has collaborated with huge names including Blink 182’s Travis Barker and Iann Dior. While he has a dedicated fanbase, comments on his Twitter from years previous have resurfaced, sparking a wave of criticism.

One such tweet from 2017 referenced a white nationalist “Unite the Right” rally. Jaden wrote, “what does the world expect when we are all encouraged to do what makes us ‘happy.'” It appears to have been deleted, but screenshots were posted across social media.

Back in July, Jaden gave an apology to his followers, expressing that he had changed his views since. “I definitely apologize for my past words that were so hurtful. I do not agree with that and I am so grateful for who I am now! Please understand that these are not just words, but that my actions follow what I stand for!”

But in a series of recent tweets, Jaden revealed that, despite it being months since the uproar, criticism has not died down and that his family have received hateful comments.

“I wasn’t going to address this again because the point of an apology is to learn and move on, which I have done. For those who think they know everything, I will retweet my apology. My family has gotten messages that are so hateful that it’s just gotten too far!”

He added, “It is ridiculous to try to ‘cancel’ people for being my friend… it’s already hard enough during such a weird time in the world, let’s spread love! I promise you a better season and life is coming, let’s work together.”

Meanwhile, Jaden appears to be directing his efforts and attention towards music and his girlfriend instead. Earlier this week, Jaden and Mads Lewis confirmed their reunion with a kiss caught on camera by paparazzi.