Streamer devastated after accidentally running away from shiny Pokemon


Twitch streamer Fizziberry thought she was running away from an ordinary Seedot in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but couldn’t believe what she’d just walked away from after realizing it was actually a rare shiny variant. 

Outside of completing the game and taking down gym leaders, Pokemon has one very simple goal – catch ‘em all. Some Pokemon, though, are harder to find than others and if you really want to set your collection apart, a way of doing that is collecting shinies.

Running into a shiny Pokemon, though, requires some luck as the odds of doing so are rather slim and you do need to be paying attention. So, it’s quite a spectacular fail when you choose to run away from one without even battling it.

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Pokemon CompanyPokemon Sword and Shield, again, tasks you with catching ’em all

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During her December 5 stream, Fizziberry had been searching around for some Pokemon when she was greeted with a battle from a Seedot. The wild Pokemon had the all-important shiny animation pop up, but the streamer must not have realized and decided to ditch anyway. 

It took a minute for her to notice what had happened, once her chat alerted her to it being a shiny. She gasped: “Was that a shiny?” The streamer immediately threw her Nintendo Switch controller in front of her mouth as she watched her chat fill up with shock.

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After a few moments of keeping the controller pinned against her mouth, Fizziberry finally broke her silence. 

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“I didn’t know it was a shiny,” she said. “I didn’t know it was a shiny, they should have made that very clear that was a shiny!”

Her viewers immediately tried to point out the differences between regular poke’s and shiny ones, but the streamer still couldn’t believe what had happened. “I don’t know, I didn’t really think about it,” she added.

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Despite that, the streamer didn’t rage quit or give up. Instead, she decided to dive back into playing the game and headed into a Dynamax fight alongside some fellow trainers. 

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However, she still couldn’t get over what had happened. “I made a mistake, I made a mistake,” the streamer said while looking off-camera. “That was the first time I’ve ever run into a shiny. Wait, I’m really sad. That was the first shiny I ever saw and I ran away from it.”

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Ultimately, the streamer appeared to get over her mishap and carried on streaming for a few more hours.

Maybe this moment will serve as a warning to always keep your eyes on the screen as you never know when your luck is going to come in and you’ll find a shiny Pokemon. With the odds stacked against trainers looking to find one, running away is certainly a huge mistake. 

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