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Twitch streamer gets a Pokimane tattoo for a $75 donation

Published: 5/Mar/2021 15:13

by Jacob Hale


A small Twitch streamer has got himself a Pokimane tattoo after a viewer donated him $75 in one of the most bizarre streams you’ll see.

While Twitch is most commonly used for gamers to showcase their skills, you definitely see some different types of streams across the platform. This is especially true when you browse into the lower depths of the ‘Just Chatting’ section.

While the category generally just sees content creators talking with their fans, there is all manner of activities in there.

Now, this streamer is spinning a wheel for donations and getting permanent tattoos, and has used one of them to commemorate Twitch’s favorite female streamer.


Pokimane posing in Instagram photo
Instagram: pokimanelol
Poki hasn’t yet made her thoughts on this tattoo known…

Clint1717 has little under 25,000 followers at the time of the stream, in which he can be seen sat in an empty bath and letting his viewers donate to spin the wheel.

Among other things, a $75 donation allows users to spin a wheel that only has three options on it: nothing, absolutely nothing, or a tattoo.

After already getting several tattoos on his back, the idea enters Clint’s head to pay homage to the popular OfflineTV creator, and once it’s in there, it’s very obvious that there’s no other option.

So, sure enough, his partner pulls out the tattoo gun and writes the name (somewhat scruffily) on his back, and now Pokimane really will be with him for the rest of his life.


As you can see in the clip, the wheel spins haven’t been treating him particularly well, with an interesting array of tattoos spread across his lower back.

While you might think these are just fake to provide more “out there” content, Clint assures viewers that the tattoos are very much real.

While it’s not ideal, the tactic seems to be working, and Clint will probably have made a decent little amount of money by the end of the stream.