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Racist stranger threatens to beat up IRL Twitch streamers

Published: 2/Mar/2021 13:05 Updated: 2/Mar/2021 13:10

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamers ImJasmine and Devin Nash were threatened on stream by a group of random strangers who had asked them to delete their video, even though they wouldn’t leave the pair alone. 

Over the last few years, IRL [in-real-life] streaming has become hugely popular on Twitch as streamers can go out and about with their camera for a few hours.

It’s a dangerous game, of course. If you’re not paying attention to your surrounding, you could end up looking stupid by walking into a wall or a group of people.

There’s also the risk of others not taking kindly to you having a camera out. Most IRL streams go off without a hitch, sometimes fans get involved by stream sniping, but there are times when the streamers find themselves in uncomfortable situations.


ImJasmine surrounded by animals on stream
Instagram: ImJasmine
ImJasmine is a popular IRL streamer on Twitch and YouTube.

During their March 1 IRL stream, ImJasmine and Devin Nash were out and about for a while before they were approached by a group of men – asking questions about what they were doing, why they were in town, and things of that nature.

While the pair co-operated and answered, while continuing to walk, one member of the group got quite rowdy – and started bursting out with racial slurs towards ImJasmine. After a while, he started threatening violence as well.

“Delete it or I’ll break everything,” the man said, before getting increasingly threatening. “Delete it. If I don’t see it, you get beat up man, because I can’t beat her. Delete it.”


Viewer warning: Racist slurs

Other members of his group tried to defuse the situation, but the random stranger still wanted everything to be deleted, until he changed his mind and then begged for the streamers to not delete anything.

Ultimately, the streamers were left alone and continued on with their stream. ImJasmine did admit she was a little “scared by what had happened, but it was “just another day on the job” of IRL streaming.